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Name: Kim Jansen

Profile: Electronics Technician and Software Engineer

Email: sales@xunil.co.nz

Phone: (027) 723 2305

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About me

I hold a Level 6 diploma in electrical engineering with a specialization in power, and I am truly passionate about technology and electronics.

My professional journey spans multiple domains, including Information Systems Support, Software Engineering, and the intricate rework and repair of electronic assemblies.

As a capable C# .Net developer, I thoroughly enjoy engineering custom software solutions for various platforms, be it desktop, mobile, or web applications.

My expertise extends beyond the realm of software development; I have significant experience as an electronics technician, working on diverse electronic assemblies, from mobile devices to fishing drones and fuel pumps.

Proficient with both through-hole (PTH) and surface-mount (SMD) components, I wield a soldering iron with finesse.

With a commitment to quality and precision, I am dedicated to delivering robust software and effectively restoring electronic systems to their optimal functionality.

I am also a qualified Amateur Radio Operator, Callsign ZL4KJ


Some of the services I offer.


As a qualified electronics technician with extensive experience in re-work and repair of Electronic Assemblies. My soldering skills apply seamlessly to both surface mount devices and plated through-hole components, ensuring precise and reliable repairs.

Embedded Electronics

As an experienced developer with a strong background in C/C++, My expertise extends to working with microcontrollers such as Microchip PIC, AVR, and SAM, where I've honed my skills in optimizing code to ensure optimal performance

Firmware Programming

Have a firmware you need programmed onto a microcontroller? I have extensive experience in in-circut serial programming of a range of Microcontrollers, from AVR, SAM, PIC, ARM, STM32, ESP32 along with a range of EEPROMs.

Tech Support

I.T Support service tailored to meet all your technology needs. Whether you're facing issues with hardware, software, connectivity, or security, I am able to provide fast and efficient solutions. Elevate your technology experience with my reliable IT Support service today.

Software Engineering

I'm a C# .NET developer with a versatile skill set that spans both frontend and backend development. What sets me apart is my proficiency in working with various databases, including MySQL, MSSQL, MariaDB, Microsoft Access, and PostgreSQL.

Systems Administation

With proficiency in managing both Windows and Linux servers, I am able to offer a one-stop solution for all your server-related needs. Whether it's ensuring peak performance, enhancing security, or troubleshooting issues, I am dedicated to keeping your servers running smoothly and securely.


Kim is an absolute lifesaver! When my laptop fell under a vicious malware attack, I was on the brink of despair. I reached out to Kimberly, and her expertise proved to be a game-changer. Kimberly successfully recovered my laptop from the brink of destruction. I am immensely grateful for her prompt and effective assistance, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Xunil Solutions to anyone in need of IT and software support.


I can't thank Kim enough for her fantastic service in cleaning the dust out my computer fans. My computer was getting noisier by the day, and I was growing increasingly concerned about its performance. The difference in noise levels was like night and day. I'm genuinely impressed with her attention to detail. If you're looking for someone to improve your computer's performance and make it run quieter, I highly recommend Xunil Solutions.


Kim is an absolute lifesaver. I needed to have a PDF edited at the last minute and Kim went above and beyond to get it back to me within a couple of hours.